Certificate of Compliance

Once our system shows you have completed your hours, you will be able to log in to your Practice Portal and pay the required compliance fee.  If your transcript is not showing all of your hours, but you have a record of attendance. Please fill out the Certificate of Compliance form; submit your attendance and contact the MCLE Staff staff@mcleutah.org for instructions on finalizing payment.

Individual Application

This form will be used by individual attorney’s for accreditation of a CLE activity. Use this form to request Self-Study, Writing, Teaching, Lecturing and Public Service.

House Counsel Certification

As a House Counsel member in the state of Utah you must complete your MCLE requirements in the state in which your hold your license.  Please download and have this form signed by the State’s MCLE Board Director and returned.

Comity Certification Compliance Submission

Comity Certificate is a Certificate filed by a Utah lawyer to show CLE compliance with an approved reciprocal jurisdiction (Idaho, Oregon, or Washington) where the lawyer practices law; Lawyers need to have the Comity Certificate signed by the State’s MCLE Board Director by the June 30th deadline, and filed with the Utah Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal Education with the required $25.00 filing by the July 31 deadline. Comity Certificates not signed by the June 30, deadline, or filed by the July 31 deadline, will be assessed a $100.00 late fee.

Comity Certification Request

Utah will provide a COMITY Certificate for the following jurisdictions: Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.  Use this form to request a COMITY Certificate.