Applying for Accreditation of a CLE

Information for providers regarding applying for accreditation of a CLE course.

All CLE providers must submit an application for accreditation within 30 days prior to or 30 days following the CLE, with the applicable fees. A CLE provider who desires to advertise CLE as being Accredited must submit a request for approval at least 30 days prior to the CLE. CLE to which availability is limited must be submitted for approval at least 30 days prior to the CLE. (In-person, Verified e-CLE)

All CLE providers must apply for and pay the applicable fees separately for accreditation of self-study CLE courses. (On demand, webcasts, audio or recorded video, telephonic programs)

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Please Remember:

All CLE courses must be of intellectual content and be comprised of subject matter directly related to the practice of law and may include an ethics or professionalism and civility component and contribute directly to a lawyer's or paralegal practitioner professional competence or skills, or the lawyer's or paralegal practitioner ethics or professionalism and civility obligations.

Accreditation Information

Definitions for Ethics CLE Credit and Professionalism and Civility CLE Credit.