Certificate of Compliance

Once the database shows you have completed the required CLE hours, you will be able to log in to your Practice Portal and pay the required $10.00 compliance filing fee. If your transcript does not reflect all CLE hours completed, go ahead and fill out the required Certificate of Compliance and submit the records of attendance for the programs not listed and a member of the MCLE Staff will contact you with instructions on finalizing payment.

Lawyers or Paralegal Practitioners who fail to complete the requirement by the June 30, deadline, or fails to file the Certificate of Compliance and required $10.00 filing fee by the July 31 deadline, will be assessed a $100.00 late fee.

Active status Paralegal Practitioners in Utah are required to complete 6 hours of accredited CLE, to include 1 hour of legal ethics and 1 hour of professionalism and civility. Lawyers will have through June 30 to complete required CLE hours without paying late filing fees and through July 31 to file Certificate of Compliance reports without paying late filing fees. At least 3 hours must be verified CLE, which may include and combination of in-person, remote group CLE or verified e-CLE. The remaining hours may include elective or verified CLE.

Verified CLE = Live CLE (In-Real-Time)

Elective CLE = Self-Study CLE (Previously Recorded)

Individual Application

This form will be used by individual attorney’s for accreditation of a CLE activity. Use this form to request Self-Study, Writing, Teaching, or Lecturing; and Verified CLE.